Registration is now open

Welcome to Endurance80 and Endurance40 2017.  80 kms in 24 hours for explorers and adults; 40kms in 14 hours for scouts.

We are now open for registrations and ready to welcome you to another year's challenge.

So now it's time to start the training and prepare for the challenge of our endurance walk.

Good luck!

Welcome back!  We're live again and ready for a new year of 2017.

Endurance80 in 2016 was a great success and we are building on that for 2017.  And the introduction of Endurance40 exceeded our expectations: we are looking to expand on that this year.

There have been minor changes to the website, to the rules and there will be minor changes to the route (to be published later in the year).

So have a browse around.  Get your teams together and register.  And good luck...


The rules:

We have set (generous) time limits by which walkers must reach CP7 and then CP12.  These are based on experience.  Looking back, the few who fall foul of these limits in previous years are those who did not finish.  Take a look at the the revised competition rules.

The website:

We have removed the concept of a "single walker" from the website.  Nobody used it last year and it was complex to maintain.  That does not mean...


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Weather for the Endurance80 area

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