E80 website data privacy and cookie policy

Why we collect some personal data

To allow Endurance80 to be run efficiently, we use our website to collect a minimum of personal data. This data serves two purposes:

  • to ensure that participants are bona fide members of the scouting movement

  • to allow teams to be registered using the website

What we collect

We collect the minimum data that we need to run the Endurance80 event. This is:

  • from team leaders:

    • A name

    • Scout membership details

    • email and phone contact details

  • from team members:

    • a name and an age range (scout, explorer or adult)

    • we also collect the membership number for adults

How we use it

  • team leaders information:

    • the membership information is shared with Gillwell or with the relevant county to verify that the team leader is a bona fide member of the scout association

    • the contact details allow us to communicate with the team leader in the run up to the event and with the team leader during the event itself

  • team members information:

    • to assess the scale of the event beforehand

    • to monitor the progress and safety of members during the event

    • to ensure minors have adequate adult support

    • to ensure that adults have the required DBS clearance (since they may get teamed up with minors)

Sharing date

We do not share the data collected from our website with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

Removal of the data

  • all team member information is removed and destroyed following the event

  • team leader information is removed

    • on request

    • when the account has been inactive for over 24 months

Cookie policy

We use cookies to enable users to login and use the functionality of the website. Due to the way the internet works, team managers will not be able to register teams without having cookies enabled.

These cookies are destroyed when the user's browser is closed (which is why you have to log in again).

We also use Google Analytics to understand how the website is used.  This also requires cookies.