About Endurance80

Endurance80 is a 24 hour hike covering 80 kilometers / 50 miles cross country starting and ending at Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.

Endurance40 is a 14 hour hike covering 40 kilometers / 25 miles over a very similar route, but cutting back to Great Missenden after CP 7.  For more details see About Endurance40

What else you can find

This site is full of useful information about Endurance80 and to help you prepare to take part in the next event.

  • Take a look at the photo gallery from previous events (the full photo gallery is only open to registered members of this site)
  • Find out how to register your self and your team or teams for the next event - see getting started for details
  • Prepare for the day by
    • entering your team or teams, 
    • looking at the experience of others who have taken part
    • noting the things that need to be done before the day
  • Find out more about what happens on the day from the moment you arrive to when you return.
  • And, of course, contact us if you need any help