Arriving back at The Misbourne

Endurance80 | 60 | 40

Naturally there are two ways in which you could return to The Misbourne - on foot since you have completed the course (congratulations!) or in a minibus.  Either way, the same process will be applied:

  • The registration desk will record your return
  • After this you are free to get a drink (hot and cold drinks are provided), 
  • Endurance80 | 60 walkers and Endurance40 walkers from out of county can bed down in the participants hall. It is expected that Buckinghamshire based Endurance40 walkers will be collected after the event.
  • You can be collected by your supporters or leave under your own steam only after you have arrived at The Misbourne and been registered as having returned.

Endurance40 walkers will receive supper on their return.  In the morning, breakfast will be available for Endurance80 | 60 walkers.


Endurance10 does not finish at The Misbourne, so there are different arrangements.

As with the senior events, any members dropped out at checkpoint 1 will be collected by bus and returned to The Misbourne, to await the return of their team.

Endurance10's finish point is in Chesham.  A shuttle bus service will run between Chesham and the Misbourne, to return walkers to The Misbourne.  Once returned, walkers may be picked up by approved adults or be taken by to their HQ by the leaders.