Change to walker registration

With the introduction of Endurance60 and Endurance10, the registration page has changed slightly.

Team and walker registration can be still found on the page "my-teams", after you have logged in. 

  • As before, you start by creating a team name. 
    • At this point you will now need to enter which event this team will be entering.
    • When you save your team name, you can now click "save and add walkers" allowing you add the walkers immediately to the team
  • For Endurance 80 | 60 |40, the rest of the process is the same as before
    • For under-18s you will need a date of birth
    • For adults you will need a membership number
    • You can now register Young Leaders as the shaddow(s) of Endurance40
  • For Endurance10, you will need to
    • Enter the names of at least two leaders and a maximum of four (one of whom must be adult)
    • Enter the number of cubs you are entering.  We don't need the names at this point:  we will collect those on the day of the event.

As before, you can make changes and reallocations of walkers to teams, right up to registration close.

More details of registering walkers and teams can be found here.