There are manned and unmanned checkpoints around each of the events:

  • 20 manned checkpoints around the E80 course plus 7 unmanned checkpoints,
  • 15 manned plus 7 unmanned checkpoints on the E60 course,
  • 11manned plus 4 unmanned checkpoints on the E40 course,
  • 1 manned and 1 unmanned checkpoint on the E10 course.

The checkpoint serves three purposes:

  • To record the progress of each walker around the course
  • To offer some refreshment (see below)
  • To provide a place where walkers who wish to stop can drop out of the event safely

Each manned checkpoint is staffed by a number of marshalls and a radio car.  The marshalls will

  • greet you on arrival and record who you are
  • discretely assess your physical condition.  Marshalls are authorised to order a walker to drop out if they think that there is a risk of accident or exhaustion before the next checkpoint or that the walker is in no fit state to continue.  This happens very rarely and when it has happened, the walker has always agreed!
  • provide you any refreshment (see below)
  • register your departure, both on the walker card (make sure you get this registered on your card) and on their own walker records.
  • inform the control centre at The Misbourne of the time at which you left the checkpoint to continue your walk.

Should a walker drop out, the marshall will contact the control centre and arrange for the walker to be picked up.  NOTE that our duty of care requires that we return the walker to The Misbourne.  After that, and only after that, the walker is free to make any other arrangements for transport.  See later for more details on dropping out.

Refreshments:   each checkpoint will offer basic cold drinks.  From checkpoint 3 onwards, basic hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are also available.  Food is not provided by Endurance80 out on the course.  However in past years some checkpoints have provided food and a variety of drinks.  This is done on a voluntary basis.  We do not know before the day what might be found on the course.  We recommend that no reliance is placed on the checkpoints to provide food.  Any food encountered should be treated as a bonus!

Toilets:  Please note that there are limited toilet facilities on the course.  Below, you will find a full list of the one we know of.  Most CPs do not have any facilities available.