Dropping out

It inevitable, I'm afraid, that people will drop out.  It might be exhaustion, it might be painful blisters.  No matter what the reason, we are here to support you.

At checkpoints

The best place to drop out is at a checkpoint.  Mobile radio coverage can be patchy around the course and there are blank spots.  However each checkpoint is supported by a professional radio operator that can guarantee communication back to the control centre.  

If you decide to drop out, please tell the marshall at the checkpoint.  He will then report your request to central control, who will send a minibus out to the checkpoint to pick you up and bring you back to The Misbourne.  Our duty of care demands that we return you to The Misbourne.  Please do not accept lifts from supporters and spectators.  This will cause confusion and may result in a search effort for an apparently missing person.

On the course

As stated above, cellular mobile coverage is patchy in the Chilterns.  So dropping out between checkpoints should be avoided.  If however there is no way of continuing to the next checkpoint, please find an area with mobile coverage and call the emergency number on your walker card.  This will connect directly to the control centre who will than arrange with you for help to arrive.

If you do have to stop on the course, it is critical that we know your condition and where you are.  For preference please have the what3words app loaded on your phone (see below) as this will allow us to locate you very precisely.

It is critical that you stay put and stay in touch until we reach you.