Endurance40 rules

Text in bold highlights the differences between these rules and those for Endurance80. The differences are in the sections “competitors”, “team size and composition”, “single walkers” and “timeliness”.

A copy of the combined rules can be downloaded here.


Competitors must be a member of a scout section within the Scout Association on the start day of the competition.

Team size and composition

Teams will consist of no less than four members on departure and no more than six members. In the event that members of a team dropping out causes the team size to shrink below three walkers, then the remainder of the team may only continue if the organisers are able to form an ad-hoc team with other Endurance40 competitors.

The team may include one or more accompanying adults. The need for adults to accompany the team while walking is at the discretion of the team’s Scout Leader. Any accompanying adult must have Scout Association DBS clearance. If accompanying adults are used in a team, then at least one must be a member of the Scout Association (OH, SA, or any Leader or Assistant Leader). Accompanying adults must be registered as members of the team and their presence counts towards the team size.

Since this is an event for scouts, the number of adults accompanying a team is limited to a maximum of 2.

Explorer Scouts may not join the Endurance40 event and may not be mixed with scout teams.

Competitors from the Endurance40 event may not form an ad hoc team with members from the Endurance80 event.

Single walkers

Children under 18 years of age at the start of the event may not participate as single walkers and must be formed into appropriate teams by their scout group or unit.

Entry Fee

An entry fee per person will be charged. This is published on the website and must be paid prior to the date of registration closure (also published on the web site). The fee includes all refreshments on the route as well as a dinner at the finish.

Please note that the fee must be paid for all walkers registered at the time that registration closes as advertised on the website, whether they take part or not.

Should walkers have to withdraw between registration close and before the start of the event, then there is no guarantee that any of the fee concerned can be refunded.  Partial refunds will only be offered if the event has covered all its expenses.  This will not be known until a week or so after the event.


All walkers must complete a health form prior to departure. In the case of walkers under 16 years of age, this must be signed by their parent or guardian.

Walkers with any medical conditions, e.g. asthma or carrying any medications should give details on the registration form and confirm with the organisers at the equipment check.

Walkers should not take painkillers.


All teams and all walkers shall have the minimum equipment specified by the kit list published on the website. All team’s kit will be checked for compliance before being allowed to depart. The organisers have the right to require teams to empty their kit bags if the organisers see the need to do so.

In particular, all competitors must have proper hiking boots. CHECKS MAY BE CARRIED OUT AT ANY TIME DURING THE EVENT and any team failing to meet the official standards risks immediate disqualification.

High visibility vests

Thames Valley Police have stated that every walker MUST wear a reflective Hi-Vis vest at all times during the hike, visible front and back, if you are seen without one then you will be pulled out of the competition.


Check Points will be set up at regular intervals. Drinks will be available at all listed check points and hot drinks at specified check points. There may be additional unlisted check points along the route to check the ability of teams to follow specified routes. Teams failing to follow the correct route risk immediate disqualification or time penalties.

Members of teams must stay together at all times and must not spread out or join with other groups without approval from event officials. When arriving a checkpoint, all members of the team must be present before checking in with the checkpoint marshalls.

Retiring from the competition

Teams may only retire at check points and must be transported back to hike control by an official transport. The organisers may compulsorily retire any team or team member at their discretion.

In the event of team members retiring causing the team size to drop to fewer than three competitors, the remaining members of the team must wait at the check point until they can join with another team to make an ad-hoc team of least three members. Ad-hoc teams must still have all the right equipment (see the Equipment List), and must be approved by an official before being allowed to continue.


If a team is significantly falling behind and, in the sole opinion of the organisers, would not otherwise reach the end, the organisers have the option to require the team to be moved forward by bus or to retire.

The event is a 14 hour event. If teams have not reached the finish point by the time 14 hours have elapsed since departure, they will be held at the next checkpoint and returned to the start point by bus.


Supporters are not permitted to make contact with their teams between check points and are not permitted to provide assistance or physical support at any time. Supporters must not hinder or obstruct the organisation of the competition in any way. TEAMS MAY BE DISQUALIFIED IF SUPPORTERS DO NOT ABIDE BY THE RULES.

Mobile phones

Each team should have at least two mobile phones, preferably served by different operators.

The use of GPS or other electronic navigation systems

The use of GPS navigation or any other electronic navigation system in any form is strongly discouraged, except in an emergency.

Behaviour on the course

The Countryside Code (available online here) and the Highway Code (the rules for pedestrians are available online here) must be obeyed at all times.


Time penalties or Disqualification may be incurred by a team if they break the rules.

Extensive Time Penalties will lead to Disqualification.