Food and drink

We provide drinks throughout the course.  

  • Cold drinks (squash and water) are available at all checkpoints
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate, soup) are available from checkpoint 3 onwards

Endurance80 does not provide any food on the course.  However, in previous years, many of the later checkpoints have provided varying levels of food voluntarily from their own resources.  We cannot make any commitment as to what you will find out there, so we recommend that you come ready for the worst (no food at all at any checkpoint) and hope for the best!

Hot and cold drinks are freely available at The Misbourne at all times.

A hot supper will be provided to Endurance40 walkers free of charge after they have returned to the Misbourne (any retired Endurance80 walkers may buy supper).

Breakfast will be provided to Endurance80 walkers free of charge from early on Sunday morning at The Misbourne.