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This page allows you to register your team(s) and walkers.

You can create teams and register walkers for any of the 4 Endurance2019 events

This help section covers four topics:

If you have problems, don't hesitate to contact me. After all, your problem might be a fault in the design.

The structure of this page

The "My teams" page has 5 blocks or sections.

  • The first block is the one you have clicked in to get this text.
  • Section 1 list the teams that have been registered and gives you a link to add more.
  • Section 2 lists all your Endurance 80 | 60 | 40 teams and walkers.  The section does not appear if you don't have any.
  • Section 3 lists all your Endurance 10 teams and walkers.  Again, the section does not appear if you don't have any.
  • Section 4 shows the fees that are due.  If you click "read more" you will get details of how to pay and a printer friendly invoice.

Registering your teams

First of all your need to create one or more teams. The process is:

  1. In section 1, create one or more teams
    • Click on "add a new team name" - one link at the top of the section, the other at the bottom
    • You will be presented with a form
      • Give you team a name and enter that
      • Say which event this team will be entering (Endurance80, Endurance60, Endurance40 or Endurance10)
    • You can then click "Save and add walkers",
      • This will take you you to a form described in 2 below
    • Or you can click "Save" that takes you back to the "My teams" page
  2. As described above, after completing the team form, you have the option to enter your walkers (for Endurance10, this is compulsory; for the others optional).
    • Endurance 80 | 60 | 40
      • If you choose this option you will be asked to enter the names, age ranges, membership numbers for adults, date of birth for young members, and any mobile number that will be used on the day.
      • This list does not have to be complete - you can come back and alter it.  See below.
    • Endurance 10
      • You will be asked to enter the names of at least two leaders for the team and a maximum of four, one of whom must be an adult, plus membership number for the adults, date of birth for young leaders and any mobile number that will be used on the day.
      • You will also be asked to enter the number of cubs who will be walking in this team. 
      • These details can be changed any time up to registration close, if required.
  3. When you go back to the "my teams" page, you will now see your team names entered in section 1.  And if you entered your walker names they will be listed in section 2 (for Endurance80|60|40) and in section 3 for Endurance10 (these sections only appear when there is a team with walkers.  If there are no walkers to show in a section then it is hidden).
  4. If you have not already entered your walkers as above, then click "Add a new walker".  You will be asked for:
    • the name,
    • the walker's "age range" (the choices are "adult with DBS", "explorer", "young leader" or "scout over 12 years of age"),
    • for scouts, young leaders and explorers, please enter the date of birth,
    • for adults, please enter the scout membership number,
    • assign them to a team (you will be offered a choice of the names that you created in section 1), or leaving it blank for your decision later.  Note anyone not assigned either to a team when registration closes will not take part on the event.
    • A mobile number (if any) that will be used on the day of the event.  We ask for this since experience shows that this could speed up checkin substantially.
  5. SAVE your page

You can come back and change at any time up to the closure of registration. 

You will note that it is now far more easy to swap walkers between teams than before: you just change the team to which they are assigned.


So there are three rules that must be followed when registering your scout team:

  1. if you wish to have an adult shadow the scout team (this is your choice), then that adult must have a DBS (this is not optional). 
  2. You may not mix explorers in the team with scouts, unless the explorer is already a young leader.
  3. There can be a maximum of two shadows.

Error messages

When you save this page or return to it later, you may get a number of alerts at the top of the page.  These alerts will remind you that something needs to be done to some of your walker information before you close your registration.  The alerts are:

  • "You have some walkers not yet allocated to a team (marked '- none -')".   If you want these people to take part in the event, must assign them to a team.  If you don't, they will not be included in the event.
  • "<team name> has too few walkers in it".  The minimum team size is 3 for E80 and E60, 4 for E40 and E10. Please juggle your teams around before registration close.
  • "<team name> has too many walkers in it".  The maximum team size is 5 for E80 and E60, 6 for E40 and 12 for E10.  Please juggle your teams around before registration close.
  • "<team name> explorers and scouts may not be mixed in the same team".  The scouts must be in a distinct team.  If any adults accompany them (your choice), then they must have a DBS and be registered as "adult with DBS".  Explorers and scouts may not be mixed in the same team.
  • "<team name> only explorers may take part in Endurance60".   Please rearrange your team to fit this requirement.
  • "<team name> Endurance10 teams must have at least 1 adult leader".  Please correct the problem.
  • "<walker name> adult walker's membership number is missing".   We need adult membership numbers for safeguarding reasons.
  • "<walker name> is missing date of birth".  We need the date of birth for scouts and explorers.

You don't have to correct these problems now, but you must do so before registration close.  In other words, you don't have to do everything in one go.  There is no problem leaving the job half complete with errors showing.  But don't forget to come back and finish off your work before registration closes. 

Getting more help

If you have problems, don't hesitate to contact me.  After all your problem might be a bug in the design of this page!